Twitter currently has an insane theory about Melania Trump

Twitter has one question for the White House: Where is the real Melania? On Friday, the president and First Lady held a press conference in Washington D.C. regarding hurricane relief. But Twitter is now convinced that Melania used a body double, and was not, in fact, standing next to Donald Trump. We know, we know. What?!

Wearing huge black sunglasses and having styled her hair in a way that screams, “I am hiding, please look away,” it’s no wonder that many citizens feel as though our First Lady has been body-snatched.

Here’s a video from the press conference that started it all: false

Did you notice how President Trump conveniently said, “My wife, Melania, who happens to be standing right here”? Let’s just say Twitter is raising its collective eyebrow. false false

And you know what? The Body Double Mystery would make a great movie now that we think about it. Hollywood, you in?

Okay, the conspiracy is fun and all, and we hate to burst Twitter’s bubble, but the Melania in question is the real Melania. Once the glasses came off, the truth was revealed.


Although we of course love a good conspiracy theory, we’re glad that Melania isn’t MIA. But then again, if you told us that she had been abducted by aliens, at this point in 2017, we’d probably believe you.

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