Twitter is freaking out about this weird hack to stop your high heels from hurting you

If you’ve ever worn a pair of high heels, or let’s be honest, even looked at a pair of high heels, you’ll know how much they hurt. Those extra, leg-lengthening inches often come at a blistering price. Luckily, Twitter users have the solution: tape your third and fourth toes together.

If you haven’t yet heard this hack, it can be a game changer. The tape works by taking away the strain on the nerves between those toes. It also alleviates the pain in the ball of your foot. SCIENCE. For some people, it makes all the difference in the world.

Others, however, are skeptical.

So here are a few more tips for making those heels bearable.

Invest in moleskin

No, not the notebooks. Pick up a package of adhesive moleskin, like this kind from Dr. Scholl’s. Then, simply stick onto the back of your shoes to make your heels feel like you’re floating on a cloud. Best $5 ever spent.

Try out shoe inserts

Another great drugstore buy? Shoe inserts. They give your feet extra cushioning, which improves comfort. And they also keep your feet from sliding or rubbing as much in your shoes, reducing the likelihood of blisters.

Switch up your shoe structures and heel heights

If you’re one of those people who wears stilettos all the time, don’t be afraid to try out new kinds of heels (also, why do you put yourself through that?). Block heels, like this pair from DSW, are very trendy right now, as are ballerina-style heels that offer better ankle support.

Maybe stop wearing heels altogether

The dangers of high heels are numerous: joint pain, higher chance of falling, lower back pain, and ingrown toenails. Unless you are Andy Sachs in The Devil Wears Prada, the benefits of high heels do not outweigh the risks. Plus, we’re living in a golden age of flat footwear. Sneakers can now be an office-appropriate style statement. L.L. Bean duck boots are somehow high fashion. Formerly basic ballet flats now come in endless variations. There’s basically no reason to suffer, with so many cute options out there.

But if you must don your six-inch stilettos on a night out, definitely try the two-toe tape trick.

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