Twitter gets global with amazing-looking breakfasts from around the world

We are always told breakfast is the most important meal of the day — but did you know it’s also the most universal? Twitter went ablaze recently with pictures of delectable breakfast foods from throughout the world. Below are some of our favorites:

This Chinese breakfast looks tasty! 

Breakfast soup? For those of us who are always cold in the morning, this sounds perfect.

This Israeli style breakfast food looks downright delicious — and filling!

We love all the options in this Moroccan breakfast spread.

This Turkish breakfast looks savory and delicious. 

Eggs seem like a breakfast staple in lots of breakfasts, including this South African one!

And here’s a delicious Japanese breakfast!

When we think of Australia, we can’t help but immediately think of koalas… and vegemite. Neither, apparently, can Australians!