Freaking out over the new “Game of Thrones” teasers

Here’s an almost impossible choice to make: House Stark, House Lannister, or House Targaryen? In the end, you can only pick one, because there can only be one, and which family ascends to the Iron Throne is still anyone’s guess. Now before the real battle begins, it’s time to declare your allegiance. Decisions, decisions.

To make the tough choice a little bit easier, Game of Thrones has released a few short teasers on Twitter geared towards each Westeros clan. By tweeting your support, you got a tiny glimpse into what we’re going to see when the HBO show picks back up in April. And, based on these three teasers, things don’t look good for anyone.

Though the teasers don’t include any actual new footage, each of them feature a tattered house flag flying high. It’s not enough, and just enough to hold us over for right now. The Stark teaser has Ramsay Bolton (boooooo) proclaiming, “Winterfell is mine;” House Lannister features our favorite “Shame!” town crier; and the one for Targaryen features a whole lot of Dothraki, which translates to, “Queen of Nothing.”

Suddenly, even more worried for Daenerys. April 24 can’t get here soon enough.

(Image via HBO)

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