Twitter just launched a Twitter for celebrities and we’re intrigued

Celebrities love Twitter just as much as we do, but there’s no denying they have to deal with some unpleasant consequences. Having a ton of followers means you get a ton of replies, and that inevitably means some of them aren’t so nice. Enter Twitter Engage, Twitter’s new app for celebrities that launched today, which aims to solve this problem.

The Verge reports that Twiter Engage is designed to help celebrities wade through the sometimes murky waters of their mentions and keep track of their successful posts. It does this by slimming down Twitter to the most useful components for a celebrity: their top tweets, mentions from people who are verified or are followed by a lot of their followers, and the analytics for their posts.

The one thing it doesn’t have? A timeline. Twitter Engage is not for those who want to follow, but rather be followed. It’s simply a tool for pushing out content and monitoring your own Twitter usage rather than staying up to date with the people you follow.

All these features could definitely come in handy, especially in the wake of celebs like Demi Lovato swearing off the social media due to the overwhelming amount of hate she receives and was previously unable to filter out. It also has real potential not just for celebrities, but for anyone who enjoys using Twitter but finds that it can be an unsafe space. While Twitter Engage is aimed at high-profile users, there are no requirements to use it. Anyone can download it from the App Store.

We’re glad Twitter is working towards fixing some of these annoying problems that social media users face, as well as taking another step towards making Twitter safer in general for those who enjoy using it.

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