This website is trying to tell Twitter how to eat chicken wings, and Twitter is not having it

If there is one universal truth to the Internet, it’s that you cannot tell people what to do. Everyone from politicians to brands have learned this the hard way. If you’re trying to make people on Twitter do something, you’ve already lost. Well, enter Business Insider. They recently created a video instructing people on how to properly eat chicken wings. Why a business magazine is trying to teach us about chicken wings is a little beyond us, but sure. We’ll accept it.

Seems pretty innocent, right?

However, this isn’t real life. This is the Internet. So people had opinions. Lots of opinions. As a result people posted these opinions on Twitter. Consequently, there were so many posts that it made the Twitter moments page!

First of all, people took issue with the wings themselves.

Which we would have to agree with! Chicken wings are usually in some delicious glaze. These look like they are covered in bread crumbs, to which we just say, what? Also there’s a reason everyone likes eating wings but no one likes watching someone eat wings.

In addition, a lot of people had problems with being told the “right” way to do something.

We get it. Sure, maybe there’s a better way to do something, but everyone wants to do things the way that feels best to them. Also if someone from the town where the food was invented disagrees with you, it seems like it’s time to listen up. false false


Finally, one Twitter user even tried to offer a better alternative to this tutorial!

It is an article, so not as much fun to watch as a video, but we appreciate the Twitter user giving us alternative content!

However, some people were sold!

In conclusion, this whole reception was incredibly Internet.

It had all the important stages. Posting, freakouts, reactions, and then finally, calm. Hopefully, we all learned something from this. Most of all, people will have an opinion no matter what you post. So, just do your best, but know that someone out there is going to think you’re doing it wrong. Also, it seems like there is no wrong way to eat a chicken wing!