Twitter is currently freaking out about this girl’s photo of her fingers

We love Twitter for so many reasons! You can get the latest news, fashion and beauty advice, and have 21st-century conversations with people from all over the world. But then there are also the times we go down the rabbit hole and end up on the “other side” of Twitter. Where the viral stars are.

Perfect example: The latest meme is Twitter user @Larose419 and the infamous photo of her fingers seen ’round the world.

Notice anything interesting? It may take a second because you’re obsessing over her manicure, but it looks like the girl is missing a finger…

And of course… Twitter went wild!

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Don’t worry, though, the internet immediately figured out how the girl was tricking us! If you’re double-jointed and you make your hand into a fist, you can tuck your forefinger underneath your thumb. false

The funniest part of this story was — hands down — @Larose419‘s response to Twitter freaking out:

"I'm getting roasted on twitter by a whole bunch of french people rn & i can't even laugh at their jokes coz i don't understand french."

We have to admit that we were 100% stumped when we first saw the picture. Also, if you’re thinking what we’re thinking, yes we did try to replicate the photo. But we’ll save you guys from seeing us try and fail to recreate the look. If anything, we looked like we were playing a lose/lost game of thumb wars.

The real urgency here though, that Twitter has failed to find out is what color is this girl’s nail polish?! We are in LOVE with this pink color as of late!

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