Twitter is convinced that Beyoncé is in labor

OK, Beyhive, do NOT panic…but Twitter seems to think Beyoncé is in labor, and while we can’t confirm or deny, we definitely are on high alert.

The rumors of Beyoncé going into labor started swirling last nights after one unconfirmed report suggested Bey and her team checked into a Los Angeles-area hospital, ramping up security for the pending birth of her twins.

Now, of course, the Beyhive suspects Beyoncé is in labor, and we’re appropriately freaking the eff out.

Adding fuel to the fire is a cryptic (yet adorable) Instagram post from longtime Bey friend, hairstylist Chuck Amos, who posted a selfie of the two, captioning it, “Hang in there, Mama! ? You @Beyonce!!”

The Shade Room was the first to break the story, with a report detailing amped security on the fifth floor of the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center on June 13th. Anonymous sources then confirmed the report to Us Weekly, with multiple unconfirmed reports suggesting Bey had already given birth to a baby girl and a baby boy, and OMG.

The moral of the story right now is: NOTHING HAS BEEN CONFIRMED, so hold up just a minute. But that hasn’t stopped Twitter from totally losing their minds, not-so-patiently waiting for the #blessed birth announcement of the most highly-anticipated Beyhive moment of the year.

Check out some of the most hilarious (and downright panicked!) responses from Bey’s biggest fans on Twitter. false

Some are taking the day off work, naturally: false

Some are trying to keep their cool amidst the chaos: false

Some are standing united with Queen Bey:

Some are (understandably) very emotional about the situation: false

But others are simply excited:

We’ll keep you updated, but for now, we’ll just patiently wait for more info on those beautiful Knowles-Carter twins.

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