Twitter had no chill waiting for the reveal of Negan’s victim on “The Walking Dead”

Season 7 of The Walking Dead premiered last night, and even if you haven’t watched it yet, you’ve probably heard at least one spoiler. We knew there was going to be at least one death, but honestly, we were shocked at how many terrible things happened in this episode. While one moment broke our hearts more than the rest, overall, it was a really tough episode to watch – especially in real time, because they made us wait quite a while to find out the victim Negan (and Lucille) claimed at the end of season 6. Here is proof that fans had no chill waiting for the big reveal.

At first, we all started out relatively calm. We were worried, sure, but we had some fun Snapchat filters to play with:


Then, the episode began, and we couldn’t wait to find out who Negan killed.

But we got to the first commercial break and there still weren’t any answers.


The only person we knew had survived was Rick.

Then Rick began having some flashbacks and we couldn’t tell what they meant.

We began wondering if even Rick was still alive, tbh.

The waiting started to get a little ridiculous.

We started to lose it.


We even got to the point where we thought they were never going to tell us.

Eventually, we did find out who died – and it was even more excruciating than the waiting. It was a tense start to season 7, to be sure – and it’s only the beginning.