Twitter just changed something major and people have FEELINGS about it

We all know how the social media approval system works. You “like” something on Facebook by giving it a thumbs-up, an Instagram gets a heart, and a tweet gets a star.

Well, the times they are a changing. As many of us know, Facebook is rolling out emoji alternatives to their thumbs-up button (because sometimes you just want to respond to an update with a miniature face, NOT a tiny hand.) And now Twitter is switching things up. Today, Twitter made a big move by suddenly changing their star button to a heart.

“But…why?” you may be asking. Well, the social media behemoth predicted you might be a little confused, and therefore took it upon themselves to address the change in a statement this morning:

It’s also important to note that the company uses the heart button on its other platforms like Vine and Periscope, so both precedent and cohesion factored into that decision.

But it’s probably more than that. A lot more, actually. As Fortune reports, Twitter’s stock price has fallen 40% between May and October, as a result of not being able to grow their user base in a meaningful way. I mean, yeah, Twitter still has 300 million users which is NOTHING to sneeze at. But investors are paying premium, and to keep investors happy, Twitter has to really step up the growth game. So Twitter is now prioritizing making its platform as accessible as possible for newcomers. And it sounds like they’ve found out that it’s easier to lure new users with hearts than with stars.

But what about all the Twitter veterans, users who have been on the platform for years who LIKED the star button the way it was?  People who were using the star button not to necessarily “like” things, but to bookmark them to read later, or to acknowledge that the tweet had been read without actually having to issue a written response and clog up the general feed. What about those people? Um… they’re not happy.

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Farewell and godspeed, little star. We Tweeters who relied upon you for years will never forget  your social media service. And even though Twitter gave you a pretty unceremonious boot, we hope that the outpouring of sorrow in the wake of your departure is sendoff enough. We’ll miss you on social media, but you of course have your place in the the night sky/the Hello Giggles coat of arms. 


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