Twitter just came together beautifully to save a dog whose owner suddenly passed away

Stories like this make us believe in humanity again. Twitter just came together beautifully to save a dog, Noni, whose owner suddenly passed away. Of course, this reminds us of when Twitter helped Cory Booker save a freezing dog, as The Atlantic had reported.

The recent feel-good dog story all started with one tweet from Sara Morrison. She’s the neighbor of the man who died, which left his dog homeless. Sara took to her 5,000ish Twitter followers for help, proving that you never know what the power of one tweet will do.

Here was the tweet that started it all.


If you haven’t already broken out the Kleenex, now’s a good time!

Here’s another one of Sara’s tweets about Noni.


And, we just have to say — we LOVE this tweet.


In case you’re wondering why the owner’s family couldn’t take Noni, here’s why:


Okay, we are in tears…

But, the good news — lots of people wanted to help.

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Over 5,000 people liked Sara’s tweet and more than 3,000 people retweeted it to find Noni a new home — and it worked!

Yup, in less than 24 hours, Noni had new owners and a new place to live! Ahhh-mazing!


And we agree with this sentiment!

And we COMPLETELY agree with these tweets, too.


You ARE an MVP, Sara! And thank you for reinstalling our faith in humanity.


Big props to Carmen and Chandler, too, OF COURSE!

Btw, it definitely looks like Noni is getting used to her new home.

Awwww. Now that we have all these #DogFeels, we’re going to go cuddle with our dogs, and you should do the same!

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