Twitter just discovered Bruno Mars is bad at technology, but it’s here to help

Besides being one of the most handsome devils on earth, Bruno Mars is a stellar singer, a mega-talented performer and a fantastic dresser. He also donated $1 million dollars to aid victims of the Flint Water Crisis. So, it’s fair to say he also has a generous heart. But when it comes to social media and its ever-growing functionalities, Bruno Mars may be a little less than stellar. (Ahhh, we just breathed a collective sigh of relief. Thank goodness he’s bad at one thing. We were beginning to feel woefully inept — especially after his “Versace on the Floor” video with Zendaya.)

Bruno recently “collaged” photos together and posted it to Twitter. He tweeted, “My collage skills are getting pretty epic.” But the singer didn’t seem to realize it’s possible to upload more than one photo per tweet until his fans/Twitter-users pointed it in the most encouraging/hilarious ways.

Here are Bruno’s original tweets. Awww, those collage skills are magic!

We can feel just how proud he is of his collaging skills!

Soon after, the Internet rushed to his aid, explaining the magic of uploading photos on Twitter. But, of course, they had to poke a little fun at the singer before rescuing him from future collaging and single succession pic uploads.

We wish we could have been there to see Bruno’s reaction to these tweets!

Oh wait — he posted his reaction on Twitter.

One fan thinks his reaction was more like this… false

Apparently, this isn’t the first time Bruno’s had a little trouble with all things technological. In fact, he’s had a rather fraught history which, of course, the Internet was quick to point out. false

Nothing like a good dose of Twitter wisdom to set you on the right foot, Bruno! With all of these fans rushing to your aid, you’ll never be left in the dark for too long.

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