This Twitter bot tells you if your crush likes you, and it’s freaking genius

Twitter bot, Twitter bot, make us a match! Great news for those of us who have fallen in love with the Twitter user of our dreams. A new bot has been created for the sole purpose of matchmaking via Twitter.

And it’s all thanks to Timi Ajiboye, the developer of Twinder. Inspired by the Tinder dating app, Ajiboye had the idea to create a matchmaking Twitter account back in 2014. His idea came to fruition a few weeks ago when a friend got in touch with him about making a Twitter bot. Ajiboye and his development team worked together to create the technology and have since released it into the world.

"You follow the bot. It automatically follows you back (unless you have a protected account)," Ajiboye told Mashable. "You DM the handle of the Twitter user you're interested in. Then it records that entry. If your target ever DMs [your name to] the bot, it'll notify both of you that there's a match and urge you to DM each other."

We’re officially ready to start our online love story.

Now, some of you may not be too sure about this idea. How can we trust a bot matchmaker that we’ve never met? And how can we be sure that Twinder won’t expose our feelings to the rest of the internet?

Ajiboye assures Twinder users that their crushes will never be revealed. Only members of the development team will have access to the handles users send the bot.

In the few weeks that it’s been live, Twinder has already gained over 600 followers, and according to Ajiboye, they’ve received a ton of DMs.

Sometimes, when it comes to love, you have put your faith in the experts (and the bots).

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