This Twitter bot was created to help us all with our mental health during the holidays

The end of the year is always stressful — even without an election. And as counterintuitive as it sounds, Twitter can help with your mental health right now. That’s because there’s a new Twitter bot named tiny care bot that reminds you take care of yourself during the holidays and these trying times.

The creator of @tinycarebot is Jonathan Sun, better known on Twitter as Jomny Sun. He’s a “Weird Twitter” comedian who decided to create the bot on November 13th because he was “obsessively on twitter [sic] lately.” His own Twitter feed points to him being depressed about the results of the presidential election — and thus, @tinycarebot was born.

But even going beyond who America’s next president is, tiny care bot is the perfect remedy to stress.

It’s just a sweet little bot giving you self-care reminders every hour with uplifting emojis. Never negative, sometimes necessarily repetitive, and always helpful — @tinycarebot is here for you.

Just check out some sample tweets.

Most of the reminders revolve around drinking water, resting your eyes by looking away from the computer, stretching, taking a walk if you can, admiring nature for a second, taking deep breaths, and messaging your friends. And it always says please because @tinycarebot is polite ?

Since the bot is pretty brand new, it’s a work in progress. However, it’s focus is all on YOU.

Jomny Sun even cares so much about all of us that he made it so that tiny care bot will send you a personal reminder if you mention it on Twitter. And he conducted a poll to see how often people would want @tinycarebot to send messages of self-care. His poll results indicated that out of the 1,645 people who took it, 30 percent wanted a reminder from tiny care bot every hour.

So do yourself a favor this holiday season and follow @tinycarebot or mention @tinycarebot on Twitter. Because we all need a break sometimes and a little extra push to take one.

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