This man asked Twitter to send his friend birthday presents, and Twitter delivered….with mayonnaise

When it comes to social media, you can reach a lot of people in surprising ways. Or at least, that’s what one Twitter user found out. @RoryMeep asked his followers to send his friend some birthday gifts at the bar and, much like everyone on Twitter, it got a bit out of hand.

Now here’s the thing about Twitter: it’s got everything. From an account dedicated to everything in Jake Gyllenhaal’s life, to everyone’s fire Game of Thrones commentary, you can find just about everything. And now, you can get birthday presents from all over!

But maybe Rory should have trusted the internet a little less.

It started off innocently enough. Rory simply asked for people to send his friend Nick some drinks for his birthday. false

From non-alcoholic beverages to several glasses of milk, the birthday party started a little slow. Not because of anything Rory and his friend did. But rather because the internet was being “cheeky.” false false false

Now, that’s not to say they didn’t get some great gifts. Someone even sent them a scoop of ice cream! false

But then things went off the rails a bit. From fruit drinks to a peas and mayonnaise dinner, the drinks were minimal, but the weird food options were in abundance. false false

In the end, it seems as if Rory’s friend did get some drinks. Well, he got a lot of different drinks, but he did get the alcoholic kind as well. false false

The entire exchange was lovely because it was purely Twitter. Everyone joined in to send Nick “presents,” and there was plenty of humor involved. They sent him food, drinks, and everything in between. We hope that Rory’s friend Nick had a great birthday, especially with his crispy onions and milk!

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