This Twitter account gives us a glimpse at what “Gossip Girl” would be like if it was on today

Many of us wish Gossip Girl was still on. *raises hand* We are always looking for shows that will be the next Gossip Girl, and following our fave stars from the show on social media and in their careers. We also often wonder what the show would be like if it was still on today — what would the characters be up to, and how would their relationships have changed? The Twitter account Modern Gossip Girl, started by Twitter user Hannah Orenstein (a writer at Seventeen), is everything we didn’t know we needed.

On the account, she imagines Serena, Blair, and our other fave GGers in the 2016 world — complete with the Brexit, the Bachelorette, Tinder, and more. false false false

Some of the tweets are Gossip Girl set in 2016, while some of the tweets are call-backs to the original show, pointing out how if the plot-lines were to happen today, they wouldn’t work at all. false


When I discovered the account, I couldn’t stop scrolling, and tbh, I didn’t even try to. Head on over to the Modern Gossip Girl Twitter account, give it a follow, and read the beautifully-crafted tweets to your heart’s content. They’re basically art, in my humble opinion.

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