These twins gave the cutest home tour, and it’s impossible to watch without melting

House hunting can be hella stressful, but these twins who gave the cutest home tour ever are here to show you how to keep your eye on the prize and have fun shopping for the sparkly home of your dreams.

ICYDK, identical twin sisters and social media stars Ava and Alexis McClure aren’t your ordinary kids. In addition to keeping tabs on which snacks their dad eats, these adorably perky siblings evidently devote the bulk of their spare time to viewing homes and binge-watching HGTV — their house-showing skills are on point.

In a Facebook video shared by the McClure twins’ parents, Ava and Alexis eagerly share the responsibilities of showing us around their gorgeous vacation home during a trip to Hollywood.

With perfectly executed sweeping hand gestures, the bubbly 3-year-olds tell us everything we need to know without skimping on the details.

They gleefully point out the furnishings and appliances by smartly informing viewers with straight-forward descriptions like, “That is a door,” and “That is a mirror,” even highlighting the most important amenities like the staircase railing, the closet, and the TV remote.

Well, that went smoothly. With two kids trying to take the lead, this tour could’ve easily gone all the way left. We’re super relieved that the twins were agreeable during this house-viewing, but that’s probably because no one brought up the ol’ age debate.

We’re dyinggg, guys. They have so much sass and we love it!

Anyway, thanks for such an enthusiastic, informative tour, Ava and Alexis! We’ll keep all this pertinent info in mind before signing on the dotted line, because a house that doesn’t come with a TV remote certainly isn’t one we want to purchase.