Meet the twins who were born in two different years

A lot of crazy things probably happened on New Year’s Eve, but this might be one of the craziest. A set of twins born at San Diego Kaiser Permanente Zion Medical Center ended up with birthdays in two different years. Our minds are officially blown. We can only imagine what their parents, Maribel and Luis Valencia, think about the nutty turn of events.

The babies were born only three minutes apart, but the timing was such that little Jaelyn Valencia (born at 11:59 pm) ended up with a 2015 birthday, while her twin brother Luis (arriving at 12:02 am) will have a 2016 date on his birth certificate. Both twins are totally healthy, and might we add completely adorable?

We can’t help but think this is the ultimate power move as far as #twinning goes. These two will get everything amazing that comes with being twins, yet they’ll still get to celebrate their own birthdays.

Well played, New Year babies. Well played.

(Image via Twitter.)