Emily and Haley from “The Bachelor” tested out twin ESP, and it’s spooky

Okay, so we’ve heard that identical twins tend to have a lot in common and finish each other’s sentences, but we weren’t expecting this AT ALL. The Bachelor’s Emily and Haley Ferguson reveal twin things that, well, only twins experience, and it’s kinda amazing. In this Us Weekly video they describe being a twin as “the coolest thing ever” because you have a “built-in best friend.” They even have their own “twin language” (which is just cool AF).

Of course this had to be put to the test, and they swear none of this was rehearsed! Okay, so on the count of three, the twins answer simple questions like, “What food do you want to eat right now?” and their answers are freakishly similar. Like, this is genuinely spooky.

WHOA! These twins are #twinning like crazy!

And this seems important to note: They clearly have great taste in actors.

via giphySeriously though, even they seemed surprised and called this a “fluke.” But they went on to admit that no matter how hard they try to be different, they just can’t. “We want conjoining houses,” Emily says. “We want whoever we marry to be best friends and we want houses right next to each other.” Haley pipes in with, “let’s not take it that far.” LOL.

Seems like their twinning life is already pretty cemented (they have their own series called The Twins on Freeform).

If only we could be a twin for a day! Live it up, guys!