There is now Twinkies ice cream for those days when you want to drown your sorrows in dessert

You know those days when you just really need to drown your sorrows in dessert? Yeah, because same. Well, now you can indulge in a dessert you never knew existed. Twinkies ice cream is now a thing, because Hostess obviously understands that you deserve happiness.

We’re not trying to promote unhealthy eating, but every now and then you just need a dessert that will take you back to simpler times (AKA when you were a kid and could eat an entire box of Twinkies without thinking twice).

So if you feel like eating your feelings, Twinkies ice cream might be right up your ally.

Twinkies fans spotted the ice cream and tweeted pictures. Because TBH, what else are you supposed to do when you come across Twinkies ice cream?

Back in 2012, we thought Twinkies would be leaving our lives forever. The Hostess brand announced that it would be closing, so Twinkies fans everywhere made mad dashes to their respective stores and literally bought every single box of Twinkies. It didn’t even matter how big their stash was, because Twinkies last forever.

But then a miracle happened — Pabst Blue Ribbon bought Hostess and Twinkies were placed back on the shelves in 2013. This is the first time, however, that Twinkies ice cream is a thing (officially, anyway).

Twinkies ice cream, along with Cupcakes and Sno Balls ice cream, will be sold for a limited time from February through March 2017 at Dollar General and other convenience stores, according to Uproxx. So while it may still be too cold outside to enjoy ice cream…JK JK JK it’s never too cold for ice cream. Go get you some Twinkies ice cream!!!!