Welcome to the “Twin Peaks” tarot card deck

After the much-anticipated third season of Twin Peaks came back on air in May, fans have been in a frenzy about everything and anything related to the television show. The cult classic created by David Lynch and Mark Frost is filled with alternate realities, nostalgic scenery, and plenty of coffee. And in true Lynch fashion, the show has plenty of metaphysical and occult references woven throughout. So naturally, a Twin Peaks tarot deck was sure to be created, and it was!

The best part? It’s better than anything we ever anticipated.

Inspired by the classic Rider-Waite tarot deck, “The Magician Longs to See” tarot by Benjamin Mackey features beloved Twin Peaks residents reimagined as the classic cards. There’s Andy as The Fool, a card to start us off on our journey. And then there’s the Log Lady as the High Priestess, log and all. As for Agent Dale Cooper? Well, of course he has to be the magician, and yes, there’s a cup of coffee next to him.

The Twin Peaks tarot deck received funding from Indiegogo, with over $73,000 raised to ensure this deck be made. And while backers were able to buy a deck for themselves, sadly, we’re not able to purchase decks anymore. But that doesn’t mean we can’t daydream about the cards.


Originally, the deck was supposed to include only the major arcana cards. These cards, depicted by some of our favorite Twin Peaks characters, represent big life changes. The minor arcana, which Mackey ended up making, represent situations in life, and in this case, famous scenes from the show.

We love this Twin Peaks tarot deck regardless, and are crossing our fingers that one day we’ll be able to get our hands on it.