Get spooked: There’s gonna be a “Twin Peaks” cover album

While everything about Twin Peaks is pretty spooky, one of the spookiest parts is definitely its music. And now, Angelo Badalamenti’s iconic, chill-inducing score is getting the cover album treatment, courtesy of Australia’s Gallery of Modern Art and the experimental pop group Xiu Xiu.

For this year’s Record Store Day (April 16), Xiu Xiu is releasing Plays the Music of Twin Peaks, wherein — surprise! — the band plays the music from Twin Peaks. As a teaser, the band’s released their cover of the show’s slightly out-of-tune, creepy opening theme, “Falling”:

Unlike the original, Xiu Xiu’s “Falling” is less droning and more echoey, and gives us an idea of how the band might tackle the rest of the Twin Peaks musical catalogue. The full track list is below:

Now, if only we could get some more definite information as to when that Twin Peaks reboot is happening…