These twin brothers dancing in a supermarket are going viral and it’s cause they’re amazing

Dancing in public is pretty much a regular activity for us. But when we discovered these twin brothers with amazing moves busting a groove in supermarkets, Targets, Walmarts, and a bunch of other locations, we knew one thing: Twin brothers Marcus and Lucas Dobre are everything we wish we could be and more.

And they’re totally blowing up on the internet right now with their upbeat dance-filled vines.

Perhaps the best part—Marcus and Lucas jump, slide, and roll over each other as if they were thinking the same thoughts. Is there some kind of twin mind-reading thing going on here?! Whatever it is, these two have magic feet.

Here, we’ve compiled some of their best choreography.

Marcus and Lucas jamming out to Drake’s “One Dance” next to the frozen dinners (because where else?).

We’re LOVING the booty shakes next to the magazines.

The beauty aisle at Target is actually where we do most of our dancing too. But these guys are just on a whole other level with their backflips.

This impressive human staircase move ends painfully! Thank goodness there’s probably some frozen peas nearby.

This are some SERIOUS acrobat skills.

Can’t you just see you and your bestie busting this out at the next party?

We hope these two super talented guys will go on to do awesome things! Maybe Beyoncé is in the market for a new pair of dancing twins to tour with her? Anything is possible!