All the things you understand when your brother is your twin

When people find out if I’m a twin, they are almost always eager to know if we’re identical. And when the answer is no, their interest usually lessens significantly. Identical twins are great—they solve scientific mysteries, they are capable of pulling the ultimate pranks, I understand the hype. But us fraternal twins have our own set of crazy experiences. Here are some things that all fraternal twins of different sexes can relate to.

The ongoing debate of whether or not you look alike

“I can kinda see the resemblance” “Oh my god he looks just like you” “Maybe if you put you’re hair up..?” I have heard so many radically different opinions, I honestly don’t even know where  I stand on whether my brother and I look like twins or not.

The awkwardness of strangers thinking you’re dating

Of those who don’t think we look alike, there’s been a few who’s first assumption upon seeing us alone together is that we are a couple. It’s pretty awkward and disturbing.

Wanting to give a quick biology lesson to everyone who asks if you’re identical

Identical twins develop from the same egg, meaning they have the same genome, meaning they have to be the same sex. I’m consistently surprised at the number of people who ask us if we’re identical after meeting us.

The occasional jealousy of wanting a twin sister…

When I saw Cheaper by the Dozen at nine years old I was totally obsessed with the twin sisters. Heading home from the theater, I remember wishing that I had a twin, before embarrassingly realizing that I did, in fact, have a twin. There were definitely times I idealized having a sister I could share everything with, although I’m sure it would have driven me a little insane were that the case.

…But loving the twin you’ve got

The twin bond is a pretty powerful thing. It’s gossip gold growing up, knowing all the same people, and there is always much to catch up on being out of school and experiencing some serious gossip withdrawal. Having a twin brother also means there’s someone to confer with whenever one of us needs a situation analyzed from a different perspective. I’ve forced way too much of my relationship drama on my brother when I require his opinion and the brutal honesty I know he will have no problem giving me.

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