We probably haven’t seen the last of “Twilight” or “The Hunger Games,” because some franchises will outlive us all

It’s not exactly a surprise anymore to hear that a studio wants to reboot a classic movie. What may be surprising, however, is when a studio wants to revisit a movie franchise that is still pretty fresh in our memory.

Yet, according to Variety, Lionsgate may revisit both The Hunger Games and Twilightagain in the near future.

Both franchises earned a ton of money for the studio, and both are based on popular books in fictional worlds that have plenty of potential for growth. In a world where prequels and sequels and spinoffs are par for the course, it’s not unreasonable to at least brainstorm other storylines within those worlds that could be explored.

And that’s exactly the stance Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer takes.

"There are a lot more stories to be told, and we’re ready to tell them when our creators are ready to tell those stories," Feltheimer said.

Those creators being, or course, Stephenie Meyer of Twilight and Suzanne Collins of The Hunger Games.

Collins seemed to make it clear that she’s concluded at least her role in the franchise. So if Lionsgate is hoping for new books, it doesn’t seem all that likely.

And Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence has already spoken out about possible prequels in the series.

She previously claimed it’s a bit too early to have the discussion. Then again, she made those comments two years ago. A lot can change in two years, so maybe she’s changed her position since then.

As for Twilight, Meyer reimagined her first book with a gender swap, so there’s something that could be explored. Time will tell…

All things considered, it sounds like if Meyer and Collins give Lionsgate their okay, we might get more from The Hunger Games and Twilight onscreen.