18 tweets that sum up how people feel about the iOS 10 update

Last night’s Apple iPhone update totally rocked our worlds with its “back-to-school” iOS 10 makeover. Basically, iPhone has been working out all summer; she’s ready to show off her fall look and ask us to Homecoming. We accept!

The old iOS had stuffy apps like “Stocks” and “Find Friends” that after years of owning an iPhone, we’d never actually used. But not anymore! iOS 10’s doing her own thing, and it’s pretty great. Not only can you delete those annoying Apple apps, you can use the new system to keep track of where you parked your car, and send sketches and cute drawings in iMessage! And of course, the most important update news you’re dying to hear: there are, in fact 72 new emojis. Our favorites include the row of diverse and multi-gendered surfers, the addition of the rainbow flag, and the single-parent family emojis. We’re loving this evolution!

With an update this transformational, it’s no wonder that people took to Twitter to share their feelings. And we mean ALL the feelings. Here are the best Tweets about iPhone’s newest revamp.

How we all feel about finally deleting Stocks:

The unforeseen benefits of the “send music” feature.

Some people offered their “critiques”


Others were just plain unimpressed.

How about those emojis though?


But still, no waffle.

One of the most noticeable changes: the gun emoji is now a squirt gun.




For some people, change is hard.


Really hard.

We guess that’s just a part of growing up.