The 11 most relatable tweets about last night’s San Francisco earthquake

While much of the east coast is being slammed by a winter “bomb cyclone” storm, the west coast just experienced their own scary natural phenomenon. A magnitude 4.4 earthquake hit the San Francisco Bay Area last night, so it seems the entire country is experiencing something crazy today.

The quake hit at 2:39 a.m. local time and thankfully there are currently no reports of damages or injuries. However, plenty of Californians were awoken from sleep, which no doubt left some feeling cranky and tired.

So what does a person do after they’ve checked their home for earthquake damage and fallen dishware? They take to Twitter, of course, giving the rest of us a much-appreciated play-by-play of the unexpected early morning shake-up.

First and foremost, we’re hoping that all those affected are safe, because earthquakes are scary, no matter their size. Also, we’re genuinely thankful for the wired world of Twitter right now, because it brings people together in times of crisis in a mere 280 characters, reminding all of us that we’re never, ever alone in our panic/musings.

Some people were — quite literally — shook.

Some felt like the earthquake was trying to slide into their DMs.

Even Berkeley mayor Jesse Arreguin had jokes.

Others were understandably concerned about the aftershock effect.

While some realized they’re totally unprepared in the event of an actual emergency (us too, guys).


But most were just happy to be able to safely tweet.

All jokes aside, we’re hoping that those impacted by the earthquake are all safe and sound, and able to get some rest. Now, back to Twitter…

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