Your tweets are going to show up on Google now, so make them good

You know that feeling when your friends go waaaaaay back in your Facebook timeline or Twitter feed and dig up old, embarrassing posts? Well, you can add Google to the list of people to watch out for, as an update on Friday now allows specific and relevant tweets to show up in your search results.

Thankfully, it brings up any relevant tweet in all of Twitter, so the chances of actually seeing your own words come back to haunt you in your search results are pretty slim. Nevertheless, the knowledge that your tweets could be so easily resurfaced makes those favs even more important.

So, what does it look like? I did a quick Google search of my name (which I don’t do often, I promise!) to see what was up.

The first result is obviously HelloGiggles, some headshots of me and my fellow Kathryns (holla!) and a wealth of different LinkedIn profiles before getting to a Twitter feed that…isn’t even mine. But you get the gist! The tweets are seamlessly inserted into the results and easily scrollable so you can get as much information as possible.

This update comes after a partnership between Twitter and Google, some of the biggest names in the Internet game. This isn’t the first time they tried something like this, striking a deal in 2009 that later expired. Twitter hopes that, this time around, having tweets appear in the search engine results will inspire non-Twitter users to sign up for an account.

It’s certainly inspired me to up my Twitter game. Hopefully, this update will give Twitter the increase in users that they want, and give us an increase in followers that we so desperately need. 

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