17 Tweets That Capture the Incredible Horniness of ‘Bridgerton’

Materials needed to watch: a fan, smelling salts, pearls to clutch.

If you have yet to binge your way through Shonda Rhimes’ Bridgerton, which hit Netflix on Christmas Day, you’re missing out on tantalizing love scenes (wait until Episode 5, people), dramatic ballroom dances, colorful costumery, and pure scandal—all reported on by the mysterious Lady Whistledown, voiced by Julie Andrews. Bridgerton has blown up on Twitter since its debut as eager fans devoured all eight episodes in a single sitting, and there’s no way we’re going to stop talking about Simon, Daphne, Penelope, Eloise, Anthony—the entire Bridgerton lot—any time soon…nor their sexual antics.


Beware: Spoilers ahead! So, if you’ve yet to dive head-first into the series, look away and hit play on Netflix already. And if you want to read the Bridgerton books first, you can find them all here, as well as some other great period romances worth checking out.

*In Lady Whistledown’s prim and proper English accent* What, dear readers, are you waiting for?

Even if you can’t quite follow the plot right out of the gate—because, let’s be real, there’s a lot of plot to follow—it’s still worth the watch because, well…you get our drift.

It’s beautifully shot—that’s what we meant!

Okay, but when the whole “do you touch yourself?” was happening…and then when Simon must divulge to Daphne what goes on “at night” between a husband and wife…? We’ll admit it. Our pearls? They were clutched.

And by the time Simon and Daphne’s wedding night happened, we were fully in need of smelling salts.

Don’t fear, viewers of the first four episodes. Those Tudor-style sex scenes we were promised, uh, deliver.

But as any Regency-romance freak will tell you, the real sexual tension arises when hands are involved. That, or if a duel is happening at dawn.

Before you finish the season, who do you think is the one and only Lady Whistledown, spilling all the secrets she can come across?

Bridgerton, we see you and your smutty ways, and we’re just a bit too excited about what a potential second season has in store. With Eloise next on the marriage market chopping block, and Daphne trying to make the most of being duchess, there’s drama to be had. Bring on the sex, scandal, and empire waistlines—we’re waiting.

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