Soooooo, this is what happens when a chicken tries to tweet

Running a Twitter account can be a lot of work. Many companies, and sometimes even celebrities, pass on tweeting responsibilies to a trusted employee. One fast food restaurant in Australia called Chicken Treat turned their Twitter account over to a colleague who happens to be a chicken expert. Because she is one.

Meet Betty. Betty is a very special chicken living in Perth, pecking at a keyboard, clucking to her human co-workers, and scratching out Tweet after cryptic Tweet. According to Chicken Treat, she has until the end of October to type an English word with more than four letters.

Once Betty proves her near-Shakespearean talents, she will be eligible for a place in the Guinness Book of World Records, though whether it’s for “best chicken tweeting” or “most random act of poultry ever,” no one seems to know.

So far most of her Tweets look like this.

The longest word she has typed yet is “bum,” but some of her followers think she might be sending out codes or mathematical equations.
Chicken Treat released a video showing behind the scenes of Betty’s preparation for the job. Apparently, it wasn’t just a matter of teaching her to “type,” but also involved serious physical training. Look at her! She’s a total animal.

Tweeting regularly has really brought Betty out of her shell, and she’s earned Chicken Treat almost 8,000 followers – dang! For those of you concerned about Betty’s living situation, worry not. The Australian Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals approved her desk space, so rest assured, she’s tweeting in comfort and style.

Raise your hand if you hope Lifetime makes an Unauthorized Betty the Tweeting Chicken movie!

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