These are the most tweeted emojis by country, and the United States may surprise you

If you’re anything like us, it’s pretty hard to go a day without using at least ONE emoji, right? ?

Well, it’s because emojis are awesome, and pretty universal, too. But, what do you suppose is THE MOST used emoji? As it turns out, a new survey by Twitter discovered that it varies quite a bit country by country (you can see the complete map below).

Interestingly, the most used emoji on Twitter in the United States is this:


This, like, can’t be good, right? Are we all just REALLY weary (or miserable, depending on how you interpret this?!) of everything? Was this survey conducted right after a Game of Thrones episode?!?!?!We’re not sure what this information means, but it’s kind of concerning, to say the least.

And for comparison’s sake, here’s what the most commonly used emojis on Twitter are around the rest of the world.




The United Kingdom:


South Korea:



South Africa:



And here’s an even more complete map to give you a better idea.

Hopefully in the future we’ll see less “weary” and a lot more happy faces!

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