Everything you need to know about our new podcast, ‘The Tweet Life’

Welcome to HelloGiggles’ new podcast, The Tweet Life. Every week, our amazing and hilarious hosts, Ali and Patrick, will discuss trending news and pop culture (and, you know, whatever else happens to come to mind — it’s that kind of podcast). Here’s the rundown on everything you need to know about Ali, Patrick and The Tweet Life, and be sure to check out the podcast and subscribe on iTunes.

Hi! I’m Ali.

And I’m Patrick.

Who is Ali?

Ali is a freelance writer, born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She enjoys food delivery, reality TV, and texting with friends while eating food delivery and watching reality TV.
You can follow her on Twitter @OnlineAlison or on Instagram @alibaby90.

Who is Patrick?

Patrick is a comedy writer in Los Angeles, California. He is a connoisseur of pop culture and has his PhD from Meryl Streep’s School For Witchcraft (online accreditation only). Follow him online for tirades about patriarchy!
Instagram: @patrickrogers_ Twitter: @patjrogers.

How do we know each other?

How do we know one another? Well, one time, our mutual friend and HelloGiggles CEO, Sophia Rossi, took us to see The Hunger Games in theaters. The traumatic and thrilling experience of watching Jennifer Lawrence shoot a bow and arrow bonded us for life!

Why did we do the podcast?

After we realized we had “chemistry” we wondered: What is this? A friendship? A tweet? A tattoo? A podcast? Yeah, definitely a podcast! So, then we contacted HelloGiggles and the very next day we were podcasting because everything in the world is that easy!

What IS The Tweet Life with Ali and Patrick?

The Tweet Life is a weekly pop culture podcast that covers the trending topics on Twitter, but usually goes really off topic because we love talking about ourselves and sometimes we get really distracted. We also sometimes get uncontrollable giggles because we are both unprofessional and possibly on the verge of nervous breakdowns!Anyways, tune-in and interact with us! We love friends.