Does this ‘The Walking Dead’ clue from last night’s episode mean *that character* is still alive?

Right away, here’s a spoiler warning for The Walking Dead. We’re now a good solid three weeks into this certain spoiler warning, so it’s possible that you’re completely caught up on this and a spoiler warning isn’t necessary anymore. But for anyone who still hasn’t seen one of the most shocking moments of Walking Dead this season, turn back now. Because the fate of one VERY important character — while still a huge mystery — is beginning to make a little bit more sense.

Last warning.

As you know, Glenn is MAYBE or MAYBE NOT dead right now. Last we saw him, he and Nicholas had been surrounded by walkers. Nicholas said a brief “thank you” to Glenn, and then shot himself in the head and it was like, OMG. He and Glenn fell down into a swarming pile of walkers. Nicholas’ fate is pretty much sealed, he’s dead. As for Glenn, that’s still anyone’s guess right now. Is he or isn’t he?

But during last night’s episode, “Always Accountable,” there was a brief, fleeting moment that seemed to signal that Glenn is 100% alive. Our boy Daryl heard a weak “help” over his walkie talkie, and while that help could be from anyone right now, all signs to point to Glenn.

But — and ugh, this but — talking to Yahoo TV , Norman Reedus commented that the voice we hear is a firm, “Not Glenn.” Offering up absolutely no other hints, Reedus continues, “The only thing I’ll say is that it’s not Glenn.”

Sure, sure, Daryl, we’re totally buying that. Not to cry direwolf, but as Vanity Fair points out, Glenn did have a walkie talkie strapped to his belt at the time he fell into the walkers. And the dumpster is like, totally far enough off the ground for him to climb underneath it. He also had a flare gun, and Nicholas’s guts kinda spilled all over him, probably masking his living-human scent.

There are a lot of things we can check off in the “YES” column for this, no matter what Reedus says. And as we know with Game of Thrones — and heck, even Pretty Little Liars! — sometimes we’re purposely thrown off track.

There are only two episodes left before Walking Dead‘s mid-season finale on November 29th, and hopefully that means we’re going to get hard, solid proof that Glenn is in fact alive. Because I won’t be able to deal with it if he’s not.*

Image via AMC