Your favorite ‘The Walking Dead’ character might not be dead. Here’s proof.

Last night, The Walking Dead made us cry real, human tears. And before we let those tears stream down our faces, we probably sat there in shock with our hands covering our mouths, agape. But before I go any further, here’s your official SPOILER WARNING: There be spoilers ahead, so read at your own risk.

As of last night’s TWD episode “Thank You,” Glenn is dead. After Nicholas led them into a dead end (YOU HAD ONE JOB, NICHOLAS), the two climbed on top of a dumpster and tried to kill as many zombies as they could with their two handguns (which each hold an average of 16 rounds, just so’s ya know). But their situation was looking more and more grim — what, with the infinite hoard of walkers surrounding them and all. And that’s when Nicholas spaced out, came to, and shot himself in the brains, right after telling Glenn, “Thank you.”

Not only did he abandon Glenn, but he accidentally took Glenn with him on his fall down. Yeah, no. Thank you, Nicholas. This is when we started screaming at our TVs, “GET UP GLENN, GET UP” and feeling very, very panic-y. Glenn did not get up though, because walkers allegedly starting chowing down on his alleged handsome chest, pulling out his alleged innards and guts while he screamed.

And now, the Internet is trying very hard to figure out whether Glenn is dead-dead. You would think after watching someone have their organs pulled out of their body would be definitive, but alas. This is The Walking Dead. We must always entertain possibilities. Is Glenn really dead? Some say NO WAY. And they’ve got some valid proof.

First of all, we saw with our two watery eyes that Nicholas’ body fell on top of Glenn’s. Or at least, it probably did.

Could it be, that instead of eating Glenn, the walkers were actually eating Nicholas? MTV notes, “The theory goes that the walkers are ripping Nicholas’ chest apart, not Glenn’s. If you watch the scene, Glenn’s chest looks awkwardly puffed up; it wouldn’t be awkward if it wasn’t his chest, though.” How does Glenn escape if this is the case? He either covers his body with Nicholas’ guts and camouflages himself outta there, or he slips under the dumpster.

A redditor came up with a plausible theory that the vast and insurmountable amount of walkers was all in Nicholas’ head —that he was going crazy. So, what we saw DIDN’T REALLY HAPPEN.

lifeofwill states,

Another redditor would like everyone to know that “The entrails are really high up on his chest,” so anatomically speaking, those guts just CAN’T be Glenn’s guts.

Sounds like a stretch, but we’ll keep this theory on the table.

Glenn dies a way more epic death in the comics. Spoilers ahead — he certainly doesn’t go out getting eating by a zombie, which is kind of a lame way to die.

According to, Glenn’s death comes later in the storyline, and it is grisly and awful and gory. In TWD comics, new character Negan comes along and lines up all our beloved characters execution-style and randomly picks which human to kill. It turns out to be Glenn, and Negan takes a baseball bat to his head. Not that I personally WANT this to happen, but it would be a way more epic and memorable death for a Walking Dead favorite. Can we put it past Robert Kirkman to bring back Glenn and then kill him off a few episodes later? Nah.

Glenn’s name wasn’t in the memoriam during The Talking Dead. And guess whose name also wasn’t in the memoriam when we all thought she was for sure a zombie snack? JUDITH. 

And also, MTV would like to point out that whenever a major character on the show dies, they come talk about it on The Talking Dead. None of that happened last night. NONE OF IT.

Steven Yeun (Glenn) was spotted on set. So. He’s still physically on The Walking Dead this season.

The Spoiling Dead Fans reported:

Showrunner Scott M. Gimple has not confirmed Glenn’s death. But also doesn’t NOT confirm Glenn’s death.

During The Talking Dead, Gimple said this:

Yes, yes, we KNOW. A “version” or “parts” of Glenn could totally equate to flashbacks.

But we still have hope.

(Images via AMC, Imgur)