Why we’re 99.9 percent sure *that* ‘Walking Dead’ character is not dead

[This post contains a plethora of  SPOILERS, so if you’re not caught up on The Walking Dead, you might not want to read the rest of this story. But we highly urge you to watch the latest episode of TWD and THEN read this article.] 

By now, it’s safe to say that the majority of the Internet believes Glenn to still be alive, even though we saw with our own two human eyes Nicholas killing himself and taking Glenn with him into a sea of walkers. We then saw walkers pull out Glenn’s guts from his chest and go ham on his handsome body —but were those really Glenn’s guts? Was that really his body? The interwebs is not so sure. And now we have even MORE proof that our favorite former pizza delivery boy and Maggie’s dreamy dream husband is totally OK.

See, MTV interviewed the show’s executive producer David Alpert to discuss, mainly, Glenn’s fate. And what he said gave us much hope.

MTV asked the dude who must be getting a thousand angry e-mails a day, “…I’ll just ask you straight up and I’m sure you’re going to give me a very straightforward answer: is Glenn dead, or is he alive?”

And this is where Alpert gives us so many clues and answers we didn’t even dream of getting. “I would say the more important piece is that Glenn has always been the good angel on Rick’s shoulder, he’s been the guy that’s always ready to go back,” Alpert says to MTV.

After reminding readers about the Rick vs. Shane battle that highlighted season one (aka, the battle of “light” vs. “dark,” or “good” vs. “evil” if you wanna get lit nerdy about it), Alpert says, “I feel like Glenn has always been the guy that’s given everybody that second chance, given everybody the opportunity to improve themselves. He’s the guy who’s never killed anybody in cold blood. He’s always been that guy. So the moment last night — regardless of what’s happened to Glenn — the Glenn as good angel, I believe, is dead.”

Alpert adds, “Nicholas shot himself in the head and took Glenn down with him. So that was the cost of having been a good guy. So that good guy Glenn, regardless of what has happened to Glenn, is gone.”

So, what does this exactly mean? We’re not totally sure. But our best guess is that Glenn somehow makes it out alive —whether he hides under the dumpster, uses Nicholas’ entrails to camouflage himself out of the zombie hoard, or whether this was all Nicholas’ effed-up death vision. Glenn makes it out, but he’s never going to be the trusting, OK-fine-I’ll-give-you-a-fifth-chance, heroic guy we knew. Glenn, the only character who hasn’t murdered someone in cold blood, has finally been corrupted. Much like how Rick went from hero to antihero, we just might see that transformation in Glenn.

Another visual clue that hints to Glenn’s future? It happened when Nicholas blew his brains out —the blood splashed Glenn’s face, but only half of it. We’re guessing that’s not just accidental, or to look cool (it did look pretty cool, though).

Where have you seen you this visual symbolism before? Oh, probably in many films and shows, but our go-to, and example right now, is Two Face (aka, Harvey Dent):

Dent, who goes from upstanding citizen to villain after he has acid thrown on his face (in the comic books), shows that duality we might see in Glenn this season. Maybe.

Plus — Steven Yeun has been spotted filming with a new character on set, so there’s also that. Either way, we’re definitely going to find out what happened to Glenn —and we feel pretty nervous about it.

(Images via AMC, Warner Bros.)