Hilarious TV Mashups Are Taking Over Tumblr

When you love TV as much as I do, there’s nothing finer than when two beloved shows collide. Thanks to the magic of the Internet, we have all sorts of incarnations of the phenomenon and some of my personal favorites are the Tumblr mashups wherein quotes from one show are superimposed onto images from another. The dialogue from, let’s say, an Arrested Development episode goes so amazingly with screencaps from Downton Abbey it seems as though the marriage was written in the stars. Just take a look:

1. Arrested Downton

Some of these pairings work so well it’s as though the writers of Downton should’ve just recycled all the Arrested Development writers’ material.

2. Parks & Meth

If you didn’t ever think you’d want to hear Ron Swanson’s words coming out of Walter White’s mouth, you thought wrong. You thought very wrong.

You have to wonder if Ron Swanson were a meth wizard, how quickly Walter’s empire would’ve crumbled. . .

3. Arrested Westeros

Arrested’s writing is so poignant, it makes a wonderful bedfellow for many other shows’ images. This Game of Thrones pairing is superb and is best enjoyed with copious wine and mass slaughterings at weddings.

4. MadRock

The more I looked through this collection and thought about it, the more I realized Don Draper really is basically a Jack Donaghy/Tracy Jordan hybrid. The Tumblrs that make you think are the best. And Peggy is kind of the original Liz Lemon in a lot of ways.

5. Westeros Community College

Despite the name making it seem like this Tumblr just covered GoT and Community, they also tackled various other drama/comedy mashups, like Sherlock/It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

6. Sterling Archer Draper Pryce

Just imagining Archer’s inimitable voice emerging from the mouths of Mad Men’s finest is enough to make me giggle.

And again, how perfectly does some of this dialogue work?!

7. A Storm of Swansons

And no mashup list would be complete without Parks & Rec/Game of Thrones. It’s Ben Wyatt’s favorite show for crying out loud! Let’s face it, April Ludgate would totally be Cersei Lannister if she existed in the GoT universe.

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