We thought the TV show ‘Dexter’ was over… but we may have thought wrong

A decade ago, when a TV show ended, a TV show ended. That was it. There was no talk of a reboot, or a revival, and our favorite characters trudged off to the great TV Graveyard in the Sky to live forevermore (on Netflix and other on-demand subscriptions.). That was life back then. Life now means that as soon as a show ends, there’s talk on how to bring it back.

At least, that’s the current case with Dexter. Remember Dexter? It ran on Showtime for eight seasons and focused on blood spatter expert Dexter Morgan. At least, working with the police was his day job; at night, he became a serial killer, but a serial killer who only killed really bad people who had managed to get through the justice system without facing serious charges. Dexter believed his actions to be good, at least.

The show ended back in 2013 to mixed reviews (seriously, just google “Dexter series finale” and find out for yourself) and along with it being critically panned, one of the main characters died. Regardless, the finale set up a new life for Dexter, far away from his blood spatter, and that seemed to be the end of him. But not so fast.

Now there’s a rumor that the show is coming back. Showtime has kept the door open to do something else — whether a new limited series or even a movie — but only if Michael C. Hall returned to the title role. He’s never said he wouldn’t return to the role. But is there any truth to Dexter Morgan actually coming back?

While Showtime has made no official comment about when/how/if it’s actually coming back, the fans out there are talking. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, the Dexter Twitter feed began tweeting, and then The Inquisitr ran a story rounding up all the revival rumors. All of these things sounded really good to Dexter fans, and excitement began to grow. Sometimes, that’s all it takes to bring a series back from the dead.

With enough fan interest, and Showtime more than eager to bring back its highest-rated series, more Dexter could be right around the corner. Besides, he’d fit right in with modern times! The lumberjack look is totally in right now! It just makes sense.

(Image via Showtime.)