TV Screen Printed: ‘Saved By The Bell’ Tees

Last time we did some Game of Thrones tees, but to lighten the mood for the second installment, we’re going to do Saved By The Bell!

Now, like most things from the 1990s, I love Saved By The Bell. So much so that I used to list Bayside High as one of the schools I attended back in the days of Friendster. Yes, Friendster. I can’t explain the Jessie/Kelly/Tori timeline but I can tell you where to get some tee shirts to show your love for SBTB and the gang at Bayside.

Let’s start with the one everyone has: the Kelly Kapowski shirt from Urban Outfitters.

Urban Outfitters, $24

Now, I don’t own this tee shirt but I did buy this one from Target in the men’s department. (I’d link to it but it’s no longer available on their website. I’d still check Targets for it tho!) For some reason, Target has amazing guys’ graphic tees but not as cool ones in the girls’ section, so I always just get a small in men’s and call it a day.

The best thing about this is my dear friend Krista also owns this tee shirt and one magical night we wore them together.

One of my personal favorite parts of SBTB was any time they were at The Max. What a great place to hang out! They had a jukebox, good food and, most importantly, Max! I always loved how Kelly styled her shirt when she worked at The Max so here’s your opportunity to give it a try yourself.

Skreened, by Badger $29.99

I do own one other Saved By The Bell shirt and this one is essential to any collection. A Bayside Tigers shirt. Mine is from Urban Outfitters from probably 2008.

Please excuse my PBR and attitude but this is the only time I’ve been photographed in this particular tee. Weird!

Anyway, get your own Bayside Tigers shirt from 80sTees!

80sTees, $20

Obviously the dream is the Kelly Kapowski grey sweatshirt all cut up but that’s not a tee shirt and not practical for anything other than aerobics or as a Kelly Kapowski Halloween costume so here we are.

I love a good tee shirt of a fake thing from a TV show so this Malibu Sands Volleyball tournament shirt is great for me. It’s not the classic uniform they had to wear when they worked there but it’s one of those things people will look at, take in, and either understand or won’t.

Red Bubble, by Superiorgraphix, $25.56

I think there’s one thing we all think of when we think of SBTB and that is Jessie Spano and the Caffeine Pill Freak Out (JSATCPFO for short).

Busted Tees, $24

I don’t think I can even say the phrase, “I’m so excited!” without finishing with “I’m so…scared” (and, realistically, launching into the entire scene).

And lastly, I bring you, a tee shirt whose sole purpose is to bring joy. Here is something for all you Albert Clifford fans: Slate or Die.

Etsy shop SomeVelvetVintage, $38

This one is from Etsy – a magical place where dreams come true. Where COULDN’T you wear this tee shirt? Is the question I’d be asking myself. The answer is nowhere. What? I have no idea. It’s just rad, is all.

It’s alright, ’cause I’m saved by the bell.


(Images my own or attributed, Kelly pic via)

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