TV Screen Printed: Game of Thrones Tees

I’ve never been referred to as Queen of Fashion or Most Fashionable or ever heard someone say, “Wow, check out her style” about me, but I definitely have been called out for my love of t-shirts.

I’ve been a fan of t-shirts from places I visited since I was a little kid (I have a great t-shirt from Barcelona starring The Simpsons) but I slowly amassed a huge graphic t-shirt collection.

It’s getting so bad that I find myself buying new graphic tee shirts constantly. My Instagram feed is basically a series of mirror selfies of graphic tees I’ve recently bought and am obsessed with (I’m sorry, everyone). For a while it was mostly men’s tee shirts from Urban Outfitters or Target but also now I’ve branched out to purchasing shirts online. As I buy more and more online they are becoming more focused on pop culture and, specifically, TV shows. So since I’m gathering knowledge on the subject I thought I’d pass it off to you!

To kick off the first post of “Screen Printed” we’re going to focus on Game of Thrones t-shirts. I’ve recently purchased two Jon Snow tee shirts and since we’re all (I assume) eagerly awaiting its return (or finishing up the books – I’ve been saving “Dance With Dragons” for a while), we can at least comfort ourselves with some tee shirts.

Let’s start off simple with a Khaleesi shirt from the HBO store:

($24.99, HBO Store)

As a general rule I usually don’t care for the “women’s” or “girl’s” versions of t-shirts but this one is actually very cute. (Side bar: let’s start designing cool tee shirts for women, everyone. I don’t always want the guy’s version but in a baby doll tee, sometimes I just want a normal t-shirt)

If you want something more subtle, you can try this Stark shirt also from the HBO store.

($24.99, HBO Store)

One tip to scoring awesome graphic tees is asking people where they got their awesome graphic tees from. This one I found from a friend with the Jon Snow version. That’s the one I ended up getting but this Arya one is pretty great too.

($24.54, Red Bubble, Dangerous Days)

I wore this one to work the other day tucked into a skirt with a blazer over (to make it super profesh, of course). I love this one because really, aren’t we all obsessed with the direwolves?

The purchase of that Jon Snow tee shirt led me to buying this one:

($22, Society 6, Mike Wrobel)

The fun thing about this tee shirt was choosing the color of the tee shirt. I went with this heathered light blue but think it’d look great in lots of colors, too.

There are lots of other great 80’s/90’s-inspired tees with Game of Thrones characters here too – I’m just partial to Jon Snow and also his design since it doesn’t have a border. (As a result of effectively collecting tee shirts I am also very picky about the design of my graphic tees.)

It’s about to become very clear where all my love in Game of Thrones lies and that it’s mostly with Jon Snow and Arya.

($22.29, Red Bubble, djwetmouse)

This one is pretty insider which is why I love it. I’m into any merchandise that isn’t totally blatant. So it’s like, I wouldn’t wear a shirt that just had the Game of Thrones logo but I would definitely wear this. It’s a “thinker,” I’d say.

I’ve already pointed out I love the direwolves which is why I’m obsessed with this t-shirt from Etsy shop, Neena Creates:

 ($24, NeenaCreates on Etsy)

I’d probably wear it smaller and with pants but it definitely appears to work as a nightgown. I love how their names are made into a heart design and this is so feminine without being girly so I’m completely on board.

Our final shirt is a straightforward Westeros map shirt. Because sometimes you just want to proclaim your love of Game of Thrones and think about the awesome opening credits.

($17.95-23.95, Amazon)

I hope you enjoyed this first edition of Screen Printed and let me know in the comments (or on twitter or wherever) what you’d like to see me do next!

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