TV Screen Printed: ‘Breaking Bad’ Tees

I think I speak for most of us (us meaning humans) when I say there’s now a Breaking Bad-sized (probably Superlab-sized) hole in our hearts after Sunday’s series finale.

So, with that in mind, let’s explore some fun tee shirts you can get to help you through this difficult time.

Let’s get into this with a basic Heisenberg face shirt. Because sometimes you just have to be bold about your love for Breaking Bad.

$24 via Urban Outfitters

Now, I’m not sure anyone should be GOING to a place called Heisenberg College but I do enjoy the design of this shirt from the AMC Breaking Bad store.

$20.99 via Breaking Bad store

Now, a chicken restaurant owned by a drug kingpin is TOTALLY something I can get behind. This Los Pollos Hermanos shirt is from Urban Outfitters and I love that both Arrested Development AND Breaking Bad have taught us what “hermano” means.

$24 via Urban Outfitters

Here we have a shirt I own because obviously this is nothing if not Shirts I Want to Own or Shirts I Do Own.

This one is great because it has everything on it! The pink teddy bear? Check! The blue stuff? Check! Undies? Check!

$22 via Society6

Much like all of the characters on Breaking Bad I’ve been through the emotional A1 Car Wash with ASAC Schrader. But let’s go back to the simpler times before he knew his brother-in-law cooked meth when he just wanted to share his home brewing with the world!

$24.54 via RedBubble

I happen to love New Mexico and get to visit Albuquerque often since my husband is from there so I really appreciate this shirt that calls out Albuquerque by name. Gotta go with a complimentary Southwestern color though, in my opinion.

$30.10 via SpreadShirt

And because we’re all anticipating the Saul Goodman spinoff here’s a Better Call Saul shirt.

$20 via BustedTees

So there you have it! Breaking Bad tees for your enjoyment!

Of course, you could always go full Heisenberg with this Lily of the Valley brooch from Etsy.

$28 via DomantesJewelelry on Etsy

(Images my own or attributed below the photo)

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