TV Screen Printed: ’90s TV Tees

Here is a list of things I love: television, t-shirts, the 1990s, 1990s television and tee shirts OF 1990s television.

So for this installment of TV Screen Printed I bring you: ’90s TV Tees.

Previously I’ve gone through Game of Thronestees and Saved By the Bell tees but now we’re just focusing on some good old ’90s TV tees.

First up: Salute Your Shorts.

I used to watch a ton of Nickelodeon. So Hey DudeSalute Your ShortsYou Can’t Do That On Television and like, Roundhouse were my life.

I never attended sleepaway camp but had I, I would have wanted it to be exactly like Camp Anawanna. Also, I only know giraffes have black tongues from Salute Your Shorts and I definitely made a pair of acorn earrings because of the awesome ones Z.Z. makes at camp.

From Skreened, $28.99

I think even Ug would approve.

And now, we have Full House. I don’t think it was possible to be a child of the ’90s without watching Full House. Sure, everyone finds Michelle annoying and sometimes Joey is a little creepy but I think we can all agree…Uncle Jesse is HOT. Here on Busted Tees you can have an amazing tee shirt featuring a play on Uncle Jesse’s catchphrase “Have Mercy.”

Busted Tees, $20

Just like Tracy Jordan, I love wordplay, so this is right up my alley. I haven’t gotten it yet but rest assured, I will.

And here is one of my favorite things from the 1990s, everyone’s favorite sarcastic teen: Daria. Daria and Jane’s favorite show is Sick, Sad World and with this t-shirt, you can also proudly support it.

Red Bubble, $24.54

It comes in a bunch of other colors but I personally think this green is the best.

Now, this is a show from the ’90s that I definitely watched minutes of but didn’t watch the entire series of until much later: Twin Peaks. One of the reasons I was interested to watch Twin Peaks was Cher Horowitz’s line, “I’m having a Twin Peaks experience” when Elton is hitting on her but I quickly grew to love it in its own right.

Threadless, $19.50

Now, this photo of me wearing this shirt is from November of 2011 when I took a photo of myself every day to track how often I was wearing my clothes. (It was actually quite helpful to make me realize what I should get rid of.) So here is an awkward elevator mirror selfie of my 2011 self wearing this shirt complete with owl pin.

And finally, I present you the ultimate in ’90s TV Tees: the ’90s Heartthrob tee.

Busted Tees, $20

For all your ’90s heartthrob needs. Love Leo? He’s there! More of a Dawson girl? He’s there too? Do you love Andrew Keegan, NPH, Luke Perry and Rider Strong? DON’T WORRY, THEY’RE ALL ON THERE.

I own this lovely shirt and adore it. It’s got a great color scheme and obviously a great design.

So there you have it, another edition of TV Screen Printed has come and gone. Want me to find some tee shirts for a specific thing for you? Just ask! Leave a comment and maybe I’ll scour the internet for the best tees for you! (Images via the websites they’re attributed to or my own)

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