The historic TV moments when couples FINALLY got together

Is there anything better than our favorite TV duos finally reaffirming what we’ve know about them all along? Try as they might to deny their hidden feelings, we all know they’re in luuuuuv. So whether you’ve been rooting for them since day one, or came around to the pairing somewhere in season two, you know they’re meat to be. And man, those moments when it FINALLY happens (around season 4), and there’s a big epic love monologue with a passionate kiss, it just feels like everything is right in the world.

On Valentine’s Day, what better time to look back over some of the most romantic TV moments we waited and waited and waited for? Some of these couples got together quickly, some of these couples dragged their feet a little bit, but what matters most is that it happened — even if they eventually broke up (a million times, ahem, Ross and Rachel).

Ross and Rachel, Friends

There are actually roughly about forty different times that Ross and Rachel get together over the course of Friends, but the one where Rachel gets off the plane isn’t the best one. No, that honor goes to The One Where Ross Finds Out, when he actually finds out that Rachel has feelings for him, too. He’s in the middle of dating another girl, Julie, and he and Rachel argue over the fact that she shouldn’t have admitted her feelings for him. But she did. After a fight in Central Perk, they FINALLY kiss for the first time (and then break up and get back together forty different times over the next eight seasons).

Pam and Jim, The Office

If you weren’t a complete and utter mess after Jim returned from Stamford to ask Pam out on a date, then we need to have a serious talk. These two had SO MANY stolen glances between the reception area and Jim’s desk, it was painful to watch sometimes. We knew they were perfect for each other, but they couldn’t find a way to make it work (the whole, “Pam’s engaged thing,” you know?). So to see Jim burst into Pam’s talking-head interview to ask her out on a date was magical. We knew these two were in it for the long run.

Leslie and Ben, Parks and Recreation

If you remember correctly, these two HATED each other when Ben Wyatt first showed up in Pawnee (because he was trying to slash the budget, and Leslie wasn’t going to stand for that). But, then something amazing happened, and the two grew to tolerate each other. They became friends, and developed the cutest crush on one another (with a lot of egging on by Ann). You know that they’re both risking their jobs to be with one another but it’s all worth it for Eleanor Roosevelt kisses.

Tony and Angela, Who’s The Boss?

It’s not every day that an attractive ex-baseball player shows up at your front door looking for live-in housework. (What?!) But that’s exactly what happened, Tony and Angela’s attraction to one another is immediate, but nothing happens and nothing happens, and they coyly move around one another — they kiss, but write it off as a drunken kiss they can’t remember. They even talk about getting together, and getting MARRIED a bunch, but still, nothing happens. it’s not until a fortune teller at a carnival (hey-oh, early ’90s TV) tells Tony that if he doesn’t act fast, he’s going to lose Angela forever, he finally admits that he loves her. Aww. Seriously, this one took FOREVER.

Angela and Jordan, My So-Called Life

Thought their relationship might have ended with Angela so “totally over Jordan Catalano” those few precious moments these two had something together was magical. Angela was in love with Jordan from the start, and then he started to show interest in her — and they made out in the boiler room! Better yet, he held her hand down the hallway after their make-out sesh!  It made our teen hearts all aflutter. It gave us hope that maybe one day we too could find our own Jordan. OK, and then he hooked up with Angela’s BFF and instead of writing a song about her, he wrote a song about his car, but still. That’s teenage true love either way.

Seth and Summer, The O.C.

There were never better star-crossed lovers than the beauty (Summer) and the geek (Seth). Right from the get-go, Seth had strong feelings for the pretty girl next door, and Summer wasn’t having any of it. He had her mermaid poem from 6th grade memorized, for The O.C.’s sake! Their relationship was sort of on the down-low, because Summer was terrified it was going to compromise her popular status. But then Seth made her get up on top of the kissing booth, in front of the whole school, and demanded that she reciprocate his love. She accepted.

Nick and Jess, New Girl

Oh boy. We knew that these two would end up together at some point because the tension between them was always insane. Through a series of comical events, the two end up on the verge of kissing, but Nick doesn’t want to kiss under those circumstances (read: being peer-pressured by everyone else). He holds off until the episode’s end when a plants a big one on Jess, and we can all admit we re-watched that kiss a thousand times.

Luke and Lorelai, Gilmore Girls

Luke and Lorelai have a great love story, if only because there’s a lot of coffee involved. Sure, we all might debate and argue over Rory’s choice of boyfriend (it was Jess, end of discussion), but the real romance that drove the show for seven seasons was between these two crazy kids (ie: adults). Whether they didn’t want to admit or were too coffee-obsessed to see it, Luke and Lorelai were always meant to be. Their first big get-together moment happens on the opening night of the Dragon Fly Inn. One called off wedding, one actual wedding, and one Rory-goodbye-party later, we’re left to assume that these two lived happily ever after.

Steve Urkel and Laura, Family Matters

If you remember correctly, at one point during Family Matters’ run, Steve Urkel actually alters his DNA with “Cool Juice” so he can transform from a geeky-nerd into a dashing young man to win Laura Winslow’s heart. But it turns out that Steve didn’t have to do any of that. While Laura was attracted to this altered-Steve, “Stefan,” she truly loved the regular old, glasses and suspender wearing Steve. Laura stopped him from slipping off to Russia at the very end of the series, and explained that he was always a gentleman and that’s she was crazy for him. Aw.

Lady Mary and Matthew, Downton Abbey

Let’s talk about stubborn Lady Mary, and stubborn Matthew Crawley who spent two seasons in a horribly torrid will-they won’t-they situation, even though we KNEW they loved each other dearly. They were just too stubborn to put their stubbornness aside and admit it. But man, when Matthew pulls Mary out into the snow and finally proposes, it was a huge victory for stubborn love everywhere. Let’s always remember their perfect love story, all through Downton Abbey seasons one, two, and three, but NOT the Christmas Episode. Stop watching before then and live in eternal stubborn love bliss forever.
Bones and Booth, Bones

Temperance Brennan (that’s “Bones” to everyone) and Seeley Booth have a complicated relationship. They rely on each other through everything, they pretty much complete one another, and everyone KNOWS there’s something there. Booth has literally risked his own life to save Bones a dozen times. After a pretty tragic incident at the Jefferson (their fancy workplace) the two find comfort in each other, and then, SURPRISE, Bones is pregnant and it’s so much to process but it’s so exciting at the same time. We’d been waiting for that since day one with these two.

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