TV hangouts we totally wish were real

There’s nothing like going someplace where everybody knows your name. The most I can get is a barista who vaguely remembers that I like half and half instead of straight cream. So, it’s easy to see an abundance of TV hangouts that our favorite characters frequent and wish, “why can’t these places just be real?”

Forget actually hanging out with the characters, I just want to spend the afternoon at their favorite haunts — that’s not asking too much. So many characters on TV not only have their own hangout, they have their own designated seat within said hangout. Meanwhile, we’re all surprised when it says our actual name on our coffee cup. How does one even get a regular corner booth?

If we could teleport our way into TV-land there are a few local hangouts we’d love to give a try. Some we choose for the food, others for the company. All of them we’ll be visiting because we know our TV friends will be there too. Let’s start the tour.

MaClaren’s, How I Met Your Mother

Unfortunately, I hold all IRL bars up to the very high standard set by MaClaren’s. I once lived one building over and two flights up from a bar, and I constantly tried to make “The Tavern” as cool as MaClaren’s. It never happened. MaClaren’s was the foundation that held Ted, Barney, Marshall, Lily, and Robin all together, and all of their stories began there in one way or another. They were even given control of the bar for one night only. Puzzles, never forget.

Luke’s Diner, Gilmore Girls

As if an endless supply of coffee wasn’t enough, Luke’s bright and sunny demeanor kept the customers lined up outside the door (just kidding. The service really depended on how he was feeling, aka, how well he was getting along with Lorelai). Regardless, it’d be wonderful to sit inside for hours, people watching the residents of Stars Hollow. Just don’t try and take a phone call inside.

The Max, Saved by the Bell

Everything cool happened at The Max. It was the stomping ground for the Bayside Tigers, and the kids used the diner for pretty much every event possible, from fashion shows to dance competitions. And most importantly, how many of your friends growing up tried so hard to make sitting-in-a-backwards-chair a thing?

The Brew, Pretty Little Liars

The Liars need a lot of energy to keep snooping around for any sort of ‘A’ clues, and The Rear Window Brew keeps them highly caffeinated. It also looks like the absolutely coziest place to curl up with a scone and a hot cup of tea, too — when not avoiding the evils of Rosewood, obviously. Have The Liars even taken advantage of those big chairs on a lazy Saturday afternoon?

Central Perk, Friends

Everything about Central Perk is the best, right down to the orange couch that’s basically a character itself. Need we say more? Gunther?

The Peach Pit, Beverly Hills, 90210

First off, did you know there’s actually a compilation CD called, Songs From The Peach Pit? It’s got songs like “You Really Got Me” by The Kinks, “Mony Mony” by Tommy James & The Shondells, and “Friday On My Mind” by The Easybeats. If those songs don’t make you want to go gossip with Kelly and Donna or grab a burger with Brandon or Dylan, I don’t know what will. We need more jukeboxes full of oldies in our lives.

Honker Burger, Doug

Doug and Skeeter become best friends because Skeeter helps Doug order off of the Honker Burger menu in the first ever episode of Doug. The food might not have looked great (a side effect of being a cartoon, after all), but I wanted to spend the afternoon at Honker Burger more than anything else.

Paddy’s Pub, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Paddy’s might not be the best run bar, or the most popular, or even the most profitable, but they sure do have fun. And drink for free (once you’ve reached the drinking age, Paddy’s).

The Royal Diner, Bones

Yes, I have seen every episode of Bones. And while they’re scientists back at the lab, they really become people as soon as they head to The Royal Diner to grab something to eat. Brennan and Booth end up there at least once an episode, if not more, whether for a cup of coffee or a sandwich with chips (I also feel like they eat breakfast there a lot). Plus, it’s open 24 hours a day, so that means you can grab something to eat whenever you’re done cracking the case.

JJ’s Diner, Parks and Recreation

Friends. Work. Waffles. Not necessarily in that order, but they all come together at JJ’s Diner. JJ’s is such a Pawnee institution, Leslie asked them to cater her last-second wedding. Ron loves JJ’s so much, he puts one of their menus in the town’s time capsule. Bring me to JJ’s, and give me all the bacon and eggs they have.

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