This Is How Much Your Favorite TV Characters Would Really Pay in Rent

Carrie Bradshaw, call your agent! You need to sell a few more books in order to afford your apartment.

Listen up, Carrie Bradshaw wasn’t the main character in Sex and the City. No, it was Carrie’s city girl lifestyle, all the way from her designer wardrobe to her glamorous NYC studio that had a view and walk-through closet.

On Friends, Monica Geller’s ginormous purple apartment played just as integral of a role as the six main cast members. And if you ever thought to yourself while watching these shows, “How can they afford that place?!” you’re not the only one.

In reality, apartments like Carrie’s and Monica’s are needles in NYC’s real estate haystack. What’s even crazier is that their rent is pennies compared to what apartments like these go for nowadays!

According to interior design studio Hovia, people living in similar apartments and neighborhoods as their favorite TV characters are paying up to thousands more than those characters were at the time. The company argues that “showing a realistic depiction of what life would be for the characters based on their salaries might not be a priority.”

Thus, viewers may have a warped or unrealistic view of how much rent actually costs in bustling cities like LA and NYC.

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“The reality is that most of those apartments are often more expensive than it might look, as they’re located in popular neighborhoods of big cities, which combined with today’s average prices, will prove just how unrealistic expectations are when watching TV,” a Hovia spokesperson explained.

“In fact, Friends seems to be the only show that attempts to explain just how Monica and Rachel are able to afford such a luxurious space, which goes in stark contrast to Carrie Bradshaw’s living arrangements, which is among the most unrealistic of all.”

So, just how much would Carrie pay in rent for her Upper East side apartment? Hovia calculated the average monthly rent in 2022 for our favorite TV apartments, and the numbers are mind-boggling.

1. Carrie Bradshaw’s NYC Apartment in Sex and the City

Located on the Upper East Side, Carrie would pay a whopping $4,072 per month to live in her charming little abode in present-day Manhattan.

The Vogue columnist would definitely have to cool it on the Manolo heels and Chanel clutches. And perhaps learn how to cook, too.

2. Monica’s NYC Apartment in Friends

The iconic Friends apartment is a true NYC gem complete with two bedrooms and tons of living and closet space, plus those windows.

Nestled in one of the city’s most affluent neighborhoods, the West Village apartment would cost $6,554 per month. That’s a staggering amount compared to the cool $200 Monica was forking over every month — and her apartment was rent-controlled!

3. Sheldon and Leonard’s LA Apartment in The Big Bang Theory

The funny duo may be the only renters whose monthly rate isn’t all too surprising. In the show, they live in the Los Robles Apartment Building near Pasadena’s City Hall.

In 2022, Sheldon and Leonard would split a monthly rent of $2,894, which isn’t that bad for a spacious two-bedroom. Though, the out-of-order elevator puts their fourth-floor apartment in a different light.

4. Meredith’s Seattle Home in Grey’s Anatomy

The doctor would pay $4,200 per month to live in her Queen Anne Hill neighborhood home in 2022. With three bedrooms, you could easily split that among roommates.

Albeit, I’m sure Meredith would have no problem making ends meet with her hefty doctor salary. So, which TV characters’ rent price tag shocked you the most?

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