All the TV characters that never should’ve been killed off

TV is amazing, awesome, and at times, terrible to watch. Whenever you get hooked on a series, you live vicariously through the characters and their storylines. This can be a good thing when they live happily ever after, or when the show lasts for 10 seasons, but there are downsides to being a TV addict.

The biggest issue with becoming emotionally attached is when someone dies. Any death TV is rough to watch, but when your favorite character gets killed off, your life feels like it is ending along with the character’s story. It is HORRIBLE. Check out which characters we still think should’ve been saved below [spoilers for One Tree HillDownton Abbey, Grey’s AnatomyDawson’s CreekNCIS, Teen Wolf, Bones, ArrowThe Good Wife, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer ahead].

Keith Scott

This was probably the single most shocking moment on One Tree Hill. Yes, this is a gutsy statement seeing as there was a school shooting and Peyton and Lucas had their scary car crash, but Keith dying was the WORST. He was the heart and soul of the series, he made Lucas a better person and he was finally living a happy life with Karen. Ugh, we just can’t handle this one.


Matthew Crawley

Downton Abbey has a history of killing people we love, like Lady Sybil Crawley, who is definitely an honorable mention, but Matthew was like a dagger to the heart. Not only did he leave the series after seeing his baby, but he left Lady Mary behind and his mother. Watching Mary struggle through her dark period was torture. Plus, if Matthew had survived it wouldn’t have affected the storyline very much, so it just sucked.


George O’Malley

Why, why, why? Grey’s Anatomy is all about death and saving lives, but when it came to the best character on the series they killed him by bus! Not only was George’s death a surprise to fans, but the way he died was so callous. Mourning him was probably the roughest thing Grey’s fans have had to do, even though there has been a LOT of drama throughout the 12 seasons.


Jen Lindley

Really, Dawson’s Creek? Was dealing with a classmate’s death not enough for this crew to handle? Jen might’ve been the delinquent of the group, but she was also the best. She was strong, wild, and very loyal. She was pretty much the person we all wished we could be in life, minus the past drug problem, and then she died. It was NOT cool.


Caitlin Todd

She was shot by a sniper in Gibbs’ arms! Sorry for the spoiler, but this NCIS death was so tough that we can barely contain our anger. Yes, we eventually got Ziva, who was awesome, but no one could compare to the witty and smart Caitlin. Her death was also way too intense to watch.


Allison Argent

Ugh, Teen Wolf fans would definitely have to agree that Allison’s death was the worst. With werewolves and mythical creatures running around Beacon Hills there were bound to be causalities, but killing off one of the fans’ favorite characters was a big issue for many. Luckily, they brought Crystal Reed back as another character for an episode, but it wasn’t the same.


Dr. Lance Sweets

Why Sweets? Just when you thought Bones fans had been through enough, they lost Dr. Sweets during the Season 10 premiere. There have been a lot of near deaths on the series, but this actual death was horrible.


Laurel Lance

Season 4 of Arrow, which is still going on, gave us a heartbreaking loss. Fans lost Laurel (played by Katie Cassidy) aka Black Canary and it was a tearjerker. Technically we see what the writers were doing by killing her off, but we could’ve watched Laurel all day, every day. She was a total badass who kicked some serious butt.


Will Gardner

Fans were stunned when The Good Wife killed off Will. He was one of the biggest characters, so having him be killed in a courtroom shooting was something no one saw coming. It completely reworked the show’s storyline and has continued to work, but we would’ve been happy seeing him make it out of that courtroom alive.


Joyce Summers

Yes, there were a lot of deaths on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but most of them were warranted. We’ve even forgiven the showrunners for killing Buffy for a brief amount of time (twice), but Joyce dying on the couch was devastating. As if Buffy didn’t have enough to deal with at home, now she had to take care of Dawn and fight vampires?


Which TV characters did you think shouldn’t have been killed in the first place?

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