TV characters closets we’d love to raid

TV shows are fake, we get it, but the wardrobes of some of our favorite TV characters are so dreamy we wish we could wear them in real life. Seriously, from Olivia Pope to Jessica Day, TV’s best characters have closets that all girls dream about and we would raid them in a second if we got the chance.

Sure, we regularly watch TV in our PJs or yoga pants and oversized sweaters, but that doesn’t mean we don’t daydream about a more extravagant wardrobe worthy of being on TV. See which character’s closets are the absolute best below.

Olivia Pope — Scandal

Scandal’s leading lady is one of the best dressed women to ever be on TV. Seriously, her character’s closets must be flawless and we’d live in them if that was a possibility. Our favorite thing, besides her exquisite handbag collection is her coat collection. Olivia has a coat for every occasion and every colored ensemble. It is amazing!


Charlotte York — Sex and the City

We know what you’re thinking, why not Carrie Bradshaw? Well, Carrie’s style is unique and wild, and we do love it, but Charlotte’s look is timeless. She always looks put together and despite her conservative upbringing she’s willing to take fashion risks, which we admire. We are also a BIG fan of her go-to preppy outfits throughout the series.


Buffy Summers — Buffy the Vampire Slayer

While Willow Rosenberg had hilariously awesome sweaters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, its the vampire slayer herself that had us wishing we could raid her closets. She was able to make any outfit look chic while kicking vampire butt. Her usual ensembles consisted of jeans and slim-fitted tops, with some sort of ’90s jewelry and it just worked. Plus, Buffy loved leather and crop tops, so she earns some bonus points for being able to pull both of those off.


Rachel Green — Friends

Spending an hour in Rachel’s closet, which we assume is a walk-in, would be a dream come true. Besides Rach’s iconic hairstyle, her ability to rock colored overalls, miniskirts and tights, and lots of denim in one episode make her a fashion guru. We also give both Monica Geller and Phoebe Buffay an honorable mention for their chic and unique styles on Friends.


Mindy Lahiri — The Mindy Project

Oh, where do we even begin with Dr. Mindy Lahiri? Her life is almost always a mess, but her style is always well thought out and perfectly executed. She is known for her fun coats, bright colors and printed dresses that would make any fashionista swoon. Oh, and her PJs are equally as cute as her daytime outfits, which not many ladies can say.


Lizzie McGuire — Lizzie McGuire

Calling all Disney kids, this one’s for you! Back in the day we all loved Lizzie, but now that we’ve grown up we’ve discovered that besides forever loving the Disney Channel series, Lizzie’s style was something we should never forget. Whether it was her appropriate use of butterfly clips in her hair or wearing a spray-painted tee at the right time, she looked cute no matter what she wore. We’re also loving her use of head scarfs and chokers that any early ’00s girl would be jealous of.


Shoshanna — Girls

All of the characters on Girls have such a unique style, so it was hard picking just one, but in the end it’s Shoshanna’s closet that stands out the most. Throughout the series her personality and clothes change, but she keeps her feminine flare, which we love. The best of Shosh’s looks come from her time spent in Japan, where she learned that the more prints, the better the look, and that funky staple pieces are way more fun than just rocking pastel dresses.


Dr. Camille Saroyan — Bones

Cam never lets her work with dead bodies get in the way of looking good in the office. She is our hero for being able to pull off skin-tight dresses week after week and never look dated or boring. Plus, if there’s one thing Cam knows besides how to find out how long someone’s been dead, it’s that small, colorful prints are always in style. Her closet would be a daring raid.


Serena van der Woodsen — Gossip Girl

Everyone on the Upper East Side had style we’d love to have, but Serena takes the cake. She balanced casual looks, made up of plaid and button-downs, and sexy frocks, ideal for a night at the Met Gala — all while being in high school. Serena was basically the perfect Barbie doll and her closet was fit for a fashion queen.


Megan Draper — Mad Men

Hello, who doesn’t love the style of the ladies of Mad Men? They all looked retro in all the right ways, but it was Megan who stole the show from week to week. For starters her makeup was flawless and her ability to pull off any, and every, mod print was great. We are so jealous of her ’60s and ’70s inspired ensemble and would not think twice about raiding her wardrobe and stealing those sunnies!


Kelly Taylor — Beverly Hills, 90210

Kelly was the Queen B of Beverly Hills and she had the ultimate closets to back it up. Anyone who can wear hot pants and a crop top to school and look hot and not slutty is a fashion icon to us. She donned everything from bright blazers and jean shorts, to patterned bikinis and form-fitting dresses, and looked beautiful in all of them.


Jessica Day — New Girl

The New Girl leading lady is the epitome of feminine style. It’s very rare that Jess isn’t wearing a fit and flare dress that screams retro chic and we love her for it. Plus, anyone who can make oversized glasses look good with any outfit is a winner in our books. Oh, and just look at all the cute patterns she mixes and matches — it’s adorable.


Cookie Lyon — Empire

Cookie is a total badass and her wardrobe perfectly matches her persona. When she’s not taking over the music world — and even when she is — she rocks fierce ensembles that include gold pantsuits, sexy dresses and lots of colorful fur!


Which TV character’s closets hold your dream wardrobe?

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