Turns out pools are WAY grosser than we thought — here’s why

When the summer sun is trying its hardest to make us sweat, we can imagine nothing better than a quick dip in a pool. Though… we may want to reconsider taking part in such a luxury because it turns out that pools are actually not super sanitary.


Back in 2013, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) conducted an investigation that’s taken them the past three years to complete. In five states, researchers found that 78.9% of swimming pools failed at least one safety test12.3% of these inspections (which also involved spas and hot tubs) resulted in immediate closure of the area that was being examined.

According to Women’s Health, 14.9% of these pool checkups revealed irritating pH levels, which can result in illness. 12.7% dealt with safety equipment violations, which were connected to the possibility of drowning.


So, what can we do to combat these unfortunate statistics – especially sinceonly 68% of U.S. local public health agencies regulate, inspect, or license public aquatic facilities?”

With the above reporting in mind, it’s important that we take pool safety upon ourselves. You can use pH strips to ensure water safety, keeping in mind that the ideal pH is between 6 and 8. You can also wear goggles when swimming, shower after you’re done, and make sure not to drink the water while you’re splishin’ and splashin’.


Most importantly, if you plan on using a public pool, don’t be afraid to ask about when it was last inspected before you jump on in.

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