As it turns out, people REALLY like to eat sushi on Valentine’s Day

We knew we were a sushi-loving nation, but it turns out our feelings for the little rolls are even stronger than we thought.

Eater did some digging to figure out what America eats on Valentine’s Day, turning to Foursquare, Reserve, GrubHub, and Google Trends to analyze February 14th eating habits. The raw data doesn’t lie: Eating sushi is apparently the thing to do on V-Day.

According to restaurant app Reserve, only 25 percent of the country actually goes out to eat on Valentine’s Day. Considering the near-impossible-to-get reservations and overpriced prix fixe menus (Eater reports that most couples will spend between $87–$287), it’s not hard to imagine why.

That means a lot of people are staying in, and chances are pretty good that they’re getting delivery. Among those who order, GrubHub has noticed popularity spikes in sushi rolls, shrimp, and Indian food on Valentine’s Day, with sushi orders increasing a total of 15 percent. Sushi with cuteness factor—think heart-shaped maki rolls—is four times more likely to be ordered on this holiday than any old Sunday.

For the brave souls who do dine out, Google Trends suggests that French, Spanish, and Italian restaurants are among the most popular, while Foursquare data categorizes sushi restaurants as some of the most romantic, along with paella and French spots. Sushi, we just can’t quit you…unless we have some quality alone time scheduled, that is.

According to GrubHub data, those spending Valentine’s Day alone are more likely to order wings, waffle fries, egg rolls, and garlic bread than their coupled-up counterparts. GrubHub singles, we like your style.

So, if you find yourself with a spicy tuna roll craving this Valentine’s Day, you’re not alone. As for us, we have a hot date with a bucket of chicken.