Turns out “The Bachelor’s” Ben Higgins is a Renaissance (Faire) Man, and we’re totally endeared

If you’re a member of Bachelor Nation, then there’s a good chance you’ve been watching the franchise spin-off Ben and Lauren, Happily Ever AfterFor those unaware, Ben and Lauren are from The Bachelor’s most recent 20th Season, and their new show is all about life post-engagement.

Fans will probably also best remember them as the couple from the season where Ben said “I love you” to the woman he ultimately didn’t end up choosing (JoJo Fletcher), causing a legitimate fan uproar (cuz that’s how Bachelor Nation rolls. We live from producer-created drama to drama, and that’s how we like it).

And this week we learned something pretty incredible about Ben — something we genuinely never thought we’d hear…He’s a big old Renaissance Fair nerd.


That’s right — on last night’s episode, Ben finally revealed the “one big thing” that he hadn’t yet revealed to his fiancé, and it turns out he has a love for the Renaissance and Ren Faires.


"It’s a time to be weird. Being weird is great, Ben says, after emerging in full Renaissance era-garb.


He then proceeded to tell Lauren all about his collection of armor and swords.

Okay, we seriously love that Ben secretly has this super quirky and geeky side — in fact, we’re starting to see him in a whole new, lovable light.

And for her part, Lauren was a super good sport. She dressed up in full costume and then proceeded to throw tomatoes at him in some sort of period-appropriate tomato-throwing game.


Match made in heaven the Renaissance.

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