Turns out James Marsden does a pretty killer Matthew McConaughey impression, and, who knew?

James Marsden is kind of the unsung hero of Hollywood. Whether he’s playing the guy who doesn’t get the girl in The Notebook, the guy who doesn’t get the girl in X-Men, or the guy who probably doesn’t get the girl in Westworld, he’ll always have a special place in our hearts.

And we just heard from Entertainment Weekly that Marsden does a spot-on Matthew McConaughey impression — which he showcased on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. THIS GUY!

He whipped out the impression after recounting a painfully awkward (yet hilarious) moment when he was mistaken for Chris Pine by a Star Trek super fan, as well as revealed that he was not exactly the “cool guy” in high school. Skip ahead to around 7:47 of the below to see the impression in its full glory


"The hardest impressions to do are the ones everyone does, but I did notice something about McConaughey; you can't just do the "alright, alright" thing anymore, what you gotta do is throw in a little Texas whistle in there, with those 's's'.

OMG. We are not going to be able to concentrate on anything else for the entire day, because even apart from that incredible impression, Marsden is just the most utterly charming (and lovably goofy) person ever!

Even Colbert was at a loss for words. Um how exactly did Marsden not get the girls in high school?

And next (arguably more urgent) question…can we see MORE impressions?

Okay, we’re officially thankful for James Marsden this Thanksgiving.